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Craftsman with Don Domingo

Arizti has been in the market for more than six decades, since 1952, producing high quality articles, mainly in leather, for buyers of discerning tastes who appreciate the refinement and craftsmanship excellence led by prominent designers. Its appreciated quality and fineness have a solid recognition in the national and international market.

Don Domingo, entrepreneur and visionary, was the founder two large companies; Flecha Dorada, S.A. (Aries) and Altro, S.A. (Samsonite) in 1952 together with Don Carlos Trouyet.

In his early beginnings, he is well recognized for offering his leather products with innovative designs valued all over the world.

Don Domingo made the opening of his first establishments in Mexico City at the legendary Prado Hotel and Presidente Hotel. Later, other stores flourished in Paseo de la Reforma, in the beautiful neighborhood of San Angel and Zona Rosa, as well as in world-famous places such as Las Brisas Hotel in Acapulco and Las Hadas in Manzanillo.

By 1979, Arizti is already an international powerhouse and has stores in Miami, San Diego, Houston, Paris and in Spain distributing its products through strategic partnership with the prestigious Casa Loewe.

In 1978, Arizti has settled in Beverly Hills, San Francisco and La Jolla. The brand was also offered for sale in world famous stores, such as, Sakowitz, Neiman & Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue Dunhill.His presence reached the distant eastern lands by having a branch in Tokyo.

Difficult to put down in words such a lifetime of successes, if there is something  this extraordinary Mexican businessman taught us, is to feel truly proud to see our national products in the window displays of the best streets around the world competing with the legendary brands.


Don Domingo Pérez Alonso-Arizti, Founder.

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